Sarah Yates


Sarah Yates has been murdering people fictionally for 30 years. This is her first published mystery.

Playing a Deadly Patent Game

Playing a Deadly Patent Game


Virginia Hopper writes pornography for the tabloids in Montreal, Canada until she is sent to deliver a package to her boss's brother, Gilles Roberts, a patent lawyer in Manhattan. Shortly after her arrival, Virginia is saddened by the violent murder of Gilles' assistant, Felix. Drawn into the case when her boss assigns her to help out in the lawyer's office, Virginia is in over her head, moving from naked bodies to patellars, trocanters and other body parts. A patent for a genetic radhesive, used in a hip operation with a potential to make a fortune, a feud between two researching doctors and a woman, who is not who she appears to be, make this New York mystery intriguing.

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