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Gemma B. Publishing
A committed advocate, Sarah Yates started Gemma B. Publishing in 1992 to feature heroines with disabilities.
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Lucky Lou Gets Game BUY NOW $20
Lucky Lou Grooves in a Heartbeat BUY NOW $20
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Playing a Deadly Patent Game BUY NOW $20
Accessible Architecture BEYOND THE RAMP BUY NOW $50
Looking Backward: A Guide to Memoir and Family History Writing BUY NOW $10
Looking Backward
Children's Books Trilogy BUY NOW $25
Accessible Architecture A Visit from Pops BUY NOW $10
Sarah Yates performed a puppet show "Here’s What I Mean to Say..."
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“Forty years in the business of writing and publishing and I’m still practising,” Sarah says.

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Author, Editor and Publisher Sarah Yates-Howorth

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